Echo of You

Ekko af kærlighed

Echo of You

Zara Zerny

Audience Award

Older people hold their hands in front of their eyes and visualise their loved ones. They try to remember them in detail – with no images to help them, they focus on their other senses and reveal the past: What did he smell like? How did her skin feel on my hands? Hand movements form memories that suddenly manifest themselves physically. As though intoxicated, we become part of realms of experience and the echo of the years of life also becomes our echo when we listen to older people talking about love.

Zara Zerny’s debut film is outstanding, thanks to her ability to gently engage with her protagonists through the use of imagination techniques. The film thus becomes a sharpening of one’s own memory and simultaneously a sensual transmission of multiple perspectives on life. In a society too often disregarding of older bodies, Echo of You focuses on feelings that are experienced and reawakened within bodies. The film creates images as embodiments of states that endure beyond age. It never solely focuses on looking back, but rather on bravely reflecting on what connections the past has built for the present and how time relates to these. Life then appears in a non-linear form that we barely register as we move forward, resulting in a work of art full of hope for the fragments of a language of love.

Guest: Zara Zerny

After the screening, there will be a guided tour of the exhibition »Blick in die Zeit. Age and Ageing in Photographic Portraiture« at the nearby Photographic Collection / SK Stiftung Kultur.
Admission to the guided tour is free.


Zara Zerny


Jacob Sofussen


Sofie Steenberger

Sound Design

Teis Syvsig, Bobby Salomon Hess


Viktor Dahl


Maria Møller Kjeldgaard – Manna Film


Syndicado Film Sales

Portrait of Zara Zerny

Zara Zerny

Zara Zerny was born in Canada and has lived in Denmark since she was eight years old. After earning a BA in graphic design, she began studying directing at the independent Copenhagen film school Super16, graduating in 2016. During her studies, she made three films where she combined fictional and documentary elements. She started creating a style that uses tableaux formats to present an observational view of the world. Her films have been shown at international festivals. Echo of You is her feature film debut and had its world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

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