Rede nur niemand von Schicksal

Don’t Talk About Fate

Ula Stöckl

experimenteller Kurzfilm
dt. OmeU
IFFF revisited

»Everything on earth is imperfect is the Germans’ old refrain« – actress Grischa Huber quotes Hölderlin from the former ›death strip‹, the no man’s land between the two Germanys, while excavators tear down the Wall, reducing it to rubble. Ula Stöckl selected nine excerpts from her previous »Hyperion« reading performed in the Hall of Paintings at the Hamburg Theatre immediately after the Wall came down. A prologue to the feature film The Old Song.

Guest: Ula Stöckl

Director / Script

Ula Stöckl


Julia Kunert, Lilly Grote


Monika Schindler


Hartmut Haase


Grischa Huber


Clara Burckner – Basis-Film Verleih GmbH


Ula Stöckl Filmproduktion

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Basis-Film Verleih

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Portrait of director Ula Stöckl

Ula Stöckl

Ula Stöckl is a director, screenwriter, film producer, and professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando. Her body of work includes 27 short films, documentaries, and feature films. She was a long-time member of the selection committees for the Berlin and Venice International Film Festivals and the Sceaux International Women’s Film Festival (later transferred to Créteil). In 1999 she was awarded the Konrad Wolf Prize by the Academy of Arts in Berlin for her life’s work. The Old Song premiered at the International Forum of Young Cinema at the Berlinale in 1992. In the same year, alongside numerous international festivals, it was shown at the Feminale in Cologne, which together with the Dortmund festival femme totale is deemed the predecessor of today’s IFFF Dortmund+Köln.

Films by Ula Stöckl (Selection)
Die Widerständigen »also machen wir das weiter …« 2014, Die wilde Bühne 1993, Der Schlaf der Vernunft 1983/84, Eine Frau mit Verantwortung 1978, Erikas Leidenschaften 1976, Ein ganz perfektes Ehepaar 1974, Sonntagsmalerei 1971, Geschichten vom Kübelkind 1969–1971 (with Edgar Reitz), Neun Leben hat die Katze 1968, Antigone 1964