Die Flieger-Trilogie #2: Ein Hoch auf das Bügeln

Rotraut Pape

Music video

»At the time, I wanted movement, development, change, and in the second semester, I immediately signed up for the first video course that was offered to artists.« (Rotraut Pape, 1998). For the second part of her Flieger trilogy, Pape uses material from her film Flieger dürfen keine Angst haben (1984), which began with four pieces of music by Holger Hiller. Space and time are out of joint. We enter a cinematic parallel universe in which power relations are reversed.


Director / Cinematography / Editing

Rotraut Pape


Holger Hiller


Jürgen Heimes, Bernd Skupien, Charles Kissing, Andreas Coerper, Eschi Fiege, Renate Schukies, Frank Rübke u. a.


Stiftung imai

Rotraut Pape

Rotraut Pape

Rotraut Pape (1956-2019, Berlin) was a film-maker, artist and professor of film/video at Offenbach University of Art and Design. She studied fine art and from an early age experimented with film, video and computers. Performance and installation play an important role in her work. She was a member of various artist collectives and produced numerous experimental documentaries for television.

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