Body of War

Body of War

Isabel Rocamora


Pictures of soldiers who repeat trained fighting rituals before the camera. Nobody dies and there are no victors. On the contrary: due to the use of slow motion and pause photography, Isabel Rocamora allows the stylised close combats to culminate in seemingly tender clinches. What does this repetition on the part of the protagonists signify? The re-enactment of a trauma or a cleansing mantra? Ms Rocamora interlaces Body of War with interviews given by soldiers explaining how the war in Bosnia changed them and what it actually means to serve state interests.

Awards for ›Body of War‹
Spezielle Juryerwähnung, Imatge Dansa i Nous mitjans, (IDN), Barcelona 2010

Director / Script

Isabel Rocamora


Nic Knowland BSC, Alessandra Scherillo


Nicolas Chaudeurge


Chu-li Shewring, Paul Cowgill


Arvo Pärt


Nick Maison, Robert Gajewski, James Hobson, Krzysztof Szczenpankski


Stella Nwimo, Stealth Films for Infinito Productions


Galeria Senda

Portrait of Isabel Rocamora

Isabel Rocamora

Isabel Rocamora is a British-Spanish artist film-maker whose films and videos have gained international acclaim in museums, filmothèques, solo shows and festivals. Her latest solo venture The Intimacy of Violence premiered in Barcelona in 2011. She studied film, performance and French at the University of Bristol and took a postgraduate cinematography course in the USA: She teaches moving image installation at the Instituto Europeo di Design.

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