Blood Clip


Pipilotti Rist

The Film All-Nighter

Pipilotti Rist’s work characteristically depicts lustful female desire and audiovisual sensuality. Her 30-year-old film Blutclip is still fresh and topical today. Blood must be »brought to light«, as Rist herself once put it. She cheerfully uses her own naked body as a canvas, smearing it with menstrual blood and adorning it with gemstones

Direction / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Cast / With

Pipilotti Rist


Sophisticated Boom Boom, Netz Maeschi


Electronic Arts Intermix – EAI


Portait of Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist burst onto the international art scene with visually lush videos and multimedia installations that explore female sexuality and media culture, remixing fantasy everyday reality. In the 1980s and ‘90s, Swiss-born Rist made a series of tapes in which she subverted the form of the music video to explore the female voice and body in pop cultural representations, merging rock music, electronic manipulation, and performance.

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