Baden Baden

Baden Baden

Feature Film
International Debut Feature Film Competition

»Every movie is an immense adventure of initiation, every experience of writing, of shooting and editing is a prototype. But you have to launch out into the unknown, to always be researching, experimenting. That is beautiful.«
– Rachel Lang

The 26-year-old Ana works as an assistant on a film shoot. For the past few hours, she has been driving the lead actress around the city and arrives at the set far too late. When the manager bawls her out, she quits on an impulse and zooms o in the company Porsche … back home to her Grandmother in Strasbourg. Over the following summer weeks, she rekindles an affair with her first love, leads the wild life, builds a walk-in shower stall for her Gran, sleeps with her best friend and keeps on looking for the most suitable possible life which she can only define ex negativo anyway. Baden Baden is the third part of a trilogy about the rite of passage into adulthood and about the yearning for structure and meaning. In a mix of minimal realism, dry humour and surrealist sequences, Lang creates snapshots of different lifestyles whose diversity her protagonist does not want to relinquish in favour of established designs anyway. The chaos so celebrated is contrasted with a certain formalism, framing Ana‘s life in rectilinear geometric images. A slacker film about happiness which – like the movie itself – vacillates between comedy and drama.

Director / Script

Rachel Lang


Fiona Braillon


Sophie Vercruysse


Aline Huber


Salomé Richard, Claude Gensac, Lazare Gousseau, Swann Arlaud, Olivier Chantreau, Jorijn Vriesendorp, Noémie Rosset, Zabou Breitman


Tarantula Belgique


Jour 2 fête