Always Together

Stále spolu

Always Together

Eva Tomanova


A sunny hillside in the Bohemian Forest is the setting for this portrait of an unusual family. The parents and their nine children appear to have arrived in paradise. Sprawling meadows with trees and swings are the children’s playgrounds and nature surrounds the home they themselves have put together.
But instead of the idyll you might expect, head-of-family Petr rules the roost. To live his dream of freedom, the former IT student had decided to leave town life – accompanied by his wife and a few ideas about self-sufficient existence. Love and togetherness were to have been the foundation. And all that was allowed was what you needed for basic survival. Warm water, birthday presents, timetables and schools … these were mere comforts which Petr could do without and which his wife and the nine children had to go without as well.

Eva Tomanova takes a critical look at the patriarch who describes his educational approach as »professional«. As the film director delves deeper into this assumed paradise, she begins to dissect it analytically. What is life like at the side of a man who imposes his rigid lifestyle on the whole family? How do the power structures, which allow no-one to leave, actually function?

Director / Script

Eva Tomanova


Petr Koblovsky, Michal Vojkuvka, Jirí Krejcík


Krasimira Velitchkova, Dominik Krutsky


Petr Kapeller, Richard Müller


Endorfilm, Jiri Konecny

Eva Tomanova

Eva Tomanova is a Czech playwright and film director whose roots lie in journalism. During the last eight years, she has worked for the Czech TV and TV Barrandov channels, making TV reports and documentaries in Ethiopia, Brazil and Spain. In 1998, she joined TV Nova, becoming its programme director in 2007. Since 2012, she has been a member of the Czech Film Institute.

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