Act of Dishonour

Act of Dishonour

Nelofer Pazira


Mena lives in a village in rural Afghanistan. She has always accepted the conservative basis of her life, hidden behind the burka and the clay walls of her backyard. A fiancée has already been chosen for her. Soon she will exchange one prison for another – after marrying her fiancée. But then she meets Mejgan (Nelofer Pazira), who has arrived in the village with a Canadian film team. She persuades her to appear a few times without her veil, and although well meant, this sets off shockwaves in people‘s system of values. Any hopes of a new life soon come to nothing. Mena even has to fear the most severe of all punishments. The question is raised: what has this act of liberation actually achieved? The role of Mena is played by Marina Golbahari, who became well known across the world with the film Osama.

Director / Script

Nelofer Pazira


Paul Sarossy


Chris Donaldson


Chris Dedrick


Marina Golbahari, Abdul Ghafar Qoutbyar, Masood Serwary, Nelofer Pazira, Ali Hazara, Ben Campbell, Greg Bryk


Daniel Iron, Anita Lee, Marc Johnston


Les Films Séville / E One Entertainment

Nelofer Pazira

Nelofer Pazira is an award-winning director, actor and writer who was born in Afghanistan and now lives and works in Canada. In 2001, she starred in Mohsen Makhmalbaf‘s Kandahar, for which she received the Prix d‘Interpretation from Montreal‘s Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. Pazira also co-directed and co-produced the 2003 Gemini award-winning documentary The Return to Kandahar and appeared in Christian Frei’s documentary The Giant Buddhas. Act of Dishonour is her feature film directing debut.

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