2 Sisters, 1 Closet

2 Sisters, 1 Closet

Inga Dievulyte, Mahmoud el Safadi

desired! – film lust & queer

Two sisters – one lesbian, one heterosexual – are having their coming out and they discuss whether they should reveal their sexual orientation just to one group or not. What does it mean for a lesbian or heterosexual woman to talk about her sexual preferences? Is one less important than the other? What happens when opinions about this diverge? In 2 Sisters, 1 Closet, Inga Dievulyte presents two sisters who reveal their true selves to their families.

Directors / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Sound / Production

Inga Dievulyte, Mahmoud el Safadi


Canadian Film Makers Distribution Centre



Inga Dievulyte

Award-winning independent filmmaker Inga Dievulyte has fearlessly delved into the Canadian film industry after moving to Toronto from her native Lithuania in 2006. Named by BlogTo.com as one of Toronto’s up-and-coming directors, Inga has had her work screened at some of the most respected Canadian film festivals, including Inside Out and Toronto International Film Festival. An alumna of the film and video production programme at York University. Inga is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Film Aesthetics at the University of Oxford.

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