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IFFF revisited: AND THE IMAGE GAZES BACK with films by belit sağ

Short film program at the IFFF Dortmund+Cologne with films by belit sağ – curated by Cana Bilir-Meier

The film artist Cana Bilir-Meier dedicates this program to the artist belit sağ. With her films, sağ pursues a media archeology of the power of images. In her short films she asks many questions: Can a picture capture a soul? Can I monitor someone by taking his/her picture? How does censorship affect speaking? belit sağ thinks about the effect of the images of conflict and violence. 10 short films with titles like Eylül – Ekim 2015, Cizre / Sept.-Oct. 2015, Cizre, geriya kalanlar / What remains, Ayhan ve ben / Ayhan and me.

>>Cana Bilir-Meier and belit sağ are guests in Dortmund for a film talk.

The archive program »IFFF revisited« dives into the treasures of the more than 30-year-old festival and presents groundbreaking films by women* that are still highly topical today. By resorting to the archive, it is possible to re-emphasize themes and aspects that may have been overlooked in the past and thus to make connections in the history of emancipation and film where none (visibly) previously were.

April 22, 12 noon sweetSixteen, Immermannstr. 29, Dortmund, Info & Tickets