12 Nov 16:30
VHS Duisburg

Netz(ent)würfe: Film Cultures in NRW

In 2021, the Netzwerk Filmkultur NRW e.V. was founded and would like to officially introduce itself for the first time with this kick-off event entitled »Netz(ent)würfe: Filmkulturen in NRW«.

What exactly does the community we create in film culture look like? What barriers do we have to overcome? What influence do we achieve in rural areas? How can we not only demand power redistribution but also implement it structurally?
Because we don’t just want to talk about »network (designs)«, but also test and apply them right away, we offer a discussion space that allows the input of the audience to flow into the moderated discussion.

A networking event to get to know each other and join in the discussion. All welcome!

Registration and further information at: info@filmkultur.nrw
Venue: VHS Duisburg, Steinsche Gasse 26, 47049 Duisburg, Germany
Chair: Anke Bruns

Netzwerk Filmkultur NRW e.V., Maybachstraße 111, 50670 Cologne, 0221-33770522, info@filmkultur.nrw, www.filmkultur.org