»Art on the MOve«: Deadly Business

Flowers blossom, decay and dissipate in fast motion – even in decay they fascinate us. Their beauty is conjured up in the most unreal environments. Some people do big business with them, but it comes at a price. When was the last time you looked at flowers?

The Infernal Grove, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, USA 2007, 7 min.
How to Pick Berries, Alina Talvensaari, FIN 2010, 18 min.
Agrilogistics, Gerard Ortín Castellví, GB / E 2022, 21 min.
Ich wandle unter Blumen, Claudia Richarz, D 1985, 3 min.
Wann hast Du das letzte Mal Blumen betrachtet, Mariola Brillowska, D 2022, 2 min.
Es ist ein Schnitter, Wiltrud Baier and Sigrun Köhler, D 2015, 6 min.

Admission with the ticket to the exhibition
Admission: 9,- €, 5,- € reduced