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Our Key Visual 2024!

We present: our Key Visual 2024!

This year’s Key Visual is rich in associations. It opens up an abstract mental sphere in which contradictions collide. The motif derives from the feeling and desire to dissolve the hardship of these times of war and crisis – just so, by magical power, with tenderness, in community. It’s a utopian image, yet utopias are what we need at the moment. It’s a “what if”-claim: What IFFF all that is solid melts into (pink) air.

The motif was once again realized by photographer Marina Weigl in collaboration with graphic designer Ina Bunge (Ten Ten Team) in a spectacular setting of fog and chains. The shooting location was the Niehler Hafen in Cologne.

The IFFF 2024 will take place from April 16–21 in various cinemas in Cologne. A selection of films will also be screened in Dortmund.

Accreditation for filmmakers, students and journalists is now open. Registration deadline is April 8.

We are looking forward to exciting screenings, stimulating discussions, new networks, numerous filmmakers and a festival in Cologne that will finally be completely analog again!

The team of IFFF Dortmund+Köln