Where Is The Friend’s Home?

Amina Maher

Short film

In search of the creation of an autonomous body, the trans woman director, Amina Maher reveals her unspoken desires which have been a political act in the process of honest self-exploration, sharing the most private of moments and breaking silences while giving insight into the topic of queer struggles and friendship, shame culture, and gender politics. The Film is entirely created by BIPOC and Queer cast & crew. It is about queer friendship, an honesty that leads us to a new discovery about our own desires, shame, and patriarchal society. It chooses a non-normative narration and it alludes to the conservative approach of Sohrab Sepehri´s Poem as well as Kiarostami´s film with the same title.

World Premiere available!

Director / Script / Editing / Production

Amina Maher


Siddhant Sarin


Bruno Alexei Pineda Galar

Sound Design

Bruno Alexei Pineda Galar, Patrick Gasda


Paolo Lagana, Amina Maher, Judith Bethke


Amina Maher

Portrait of Amina Maher

Amina Maher

Amina Maher is an Iranian queer film-maker whose works deal with themes of gender and identity in relation to violence and power structures. She began her film career playing as a protagonist in Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten, which portrayed Amina’s real-life relationship with her mother. The film was nominated for the Palme d’Or at Cannes International Film Festival. Maher is currently taking a master’s degree in film directing at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

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