The Party

The Party

Sally Potter

Sally Potter opens her star-studded social satire with a frontal shot of a pistol barrel: The party can begin. The host is Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas), who wants to celebrate her appointment as a minister with close friends. But the evening unfolds differently than expected. With screwball comedy timing, the punchlines and twists come thick and fast, and soon love, friendships, political beliefs and lifestyles are up for discussion.

»Many of my favourite films ever made were in black and white, so it’s nice to feel that it’s part of that lineage. Somehow, it’s magical the fact that the brain can see things in a different way, but in an absolutely real way, in the abstract world of light and dark. And as the story was about extremes, I made the decision quite early on. (…)
In one sense, the entire film is a political comedy, a light and loving look at the state of England, a kind of broken England. But the film is more of a meditation on the notion that politics is everywhere, including in human relations. The most important thing is the language of truth- telling and the healing power of love in overcoming tragedy, but watch out if you’ve got a gun in the laundry basket.«
– Sally Potter

Director / Script

Sally Potter


Alexey Rodionov


Anders Refn, Emilie Orsini


Jean-Paul Mugel


Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy, Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall


Adventure Picture



Portrait der Regisseurin Sally Potter

Sally Potter

British film-maker Sally Potter was born in London, UK in 1949. She made her first 8 mm film when she was 14, followed by short experimental films. Since 1969 she has also worked as a performance artist, choreographer, dancer and musician. Her international breakthrough as a film director came in 1992 with her Oscar-nominated adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando. In 2012, she was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to film. In 2013, the IWFF Dortmund | Cologne opened up with Potter’s previously directed film Ginger & Rosa.

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