Salt White

Marilivit Tetri

Salt White

Keti Machavariani

Post-Soviet Georgia at the beginning of the 21st century. Nana, 35, is single and works as a seasonal worker at a summer resort on the Black Sea coast. She resolutely saves her wages, dreaming of purchasing a small café in her hometown. She occasionally meets patrol officer Niko, a refugee from Abkahzia. Niko looks after his old parents, living at a hotel with other refugees. Nana and Niko’s closed world is disrupted by the homeless child Sopo. Suddenly the are faced with an important decision.

»Salt White is the story of three people whose destiny was defined by historical and social factors. … This environment, in which the priority is the battle for survival, is not conducive to human relations and emotions. People act mechanically. Their work is dull and dreary and also temporary and unfulfilled. Niko cannot change anything. … Nana’s job stops at the end of the summer, and she has nothing to look forward to but boring and sad winter days in a little town in western Georgia. Nana and Niko move in a closed loop from which there is no escape. … Only the orphan Sopo, who was born and raised in the streets, manages to break out and sets off to discover the world she has so far only seen in photographs.«
– Keti Machavariani

Director / Script

Keti Machavariani


George Shvelidze


Nodar Noadze


Paata Godziashvili


Giorgi Tsintsadze


Nino Koridze, Gagi Svanidze, Fea Tsivadze


Gia Bazgadze, Levan Korinteli, Jaga Grip


Jaga Grip

Regisseurin Keti Machavariani

Keti Machavariani

After Keti Machavariani had finished studying art at the University of Tiflis in 1995, she began specialising in directing in the film course of the state Academy for Film and Theatre. She graduated in 2002. Since then she has gained experience at the Italian broadcaster RAI, directed numerous short films, produced programmes for television stations, and was assistant director for many feature films. From 2007 to 2009, she worked for the Independent Film Project film studio and since 2009 has been project manager for the Georgian film studio Kartuli Pilmi.

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