my castle your castle

Kerstin Honeit

Experimental Documentary

»I saw my castles fall today And crumble into dust beneath my feet.« –Ray Price, I Saw My Castles Fall Today, 1957

The artist invited guests into the shell of Berlin’s City Palace, which has more or less overriden the Palace of the Republic in architectural terms: one guest had been one of the builders of the symbolic GDR edifice, while the other had organised its demolition. The setting of the discussion at the coffee table appears theatrical, and in fact the scene is transferred, using artificial fog, to the performance of two queer cowboys. Who does the castle belong to?


Kerstin Honeit


Jessica Páez


Ljupcho Temelkovski, annette hollywood


Jochen Jezussek


Damian Rebgetz, Paul Hankinson


Peter Friedrich, Gunter Teichert, Damian Rebgetz, Paul Hankinson


Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit works with experimental documentary moving image formats. In her films, she examines mechanisms of representation in hegemonic image production, in connection with cultural and linguistic modes of translation. She focuses on the politics of the (film) voice and on how the voice as a queer event within moving images can upset the gaze regimes of the dominant culture. Kerstin Honeit. Voice Works/Voice Strikes (ed. McGovern) was published by b_books in 2022.

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