Angela Schanelec

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International Feature Film Competition

This modern adaptation of the Oedipus myth takes us from Greece to Berlin, from the 1980s to the present day. Abandoned at birth, Jon is found one stormy night in the Greek mountains and adopted. As an adult, he meets Iro, a warden at the prison where he is held after a tragic accident. Iro seems to seek out his presence; she looks after him and records music for him. Jon’s eyesight begins to fail. From now on, for every loss he suffers, he gains something in return and his life becomes richer.

The film elliptically circumnavigates the themes of birth, love, pain and healing, which are treated like musical motifs. Music is the film’s second most important element, most of it Baroque – Bach, Monteverdi and Pergolesi. The compositions speak to each other and to us, like a mediator of the question: »What can come from pain?« For Jon, music becomes a means of expression. Mastering it like a language enables him to survive, unlike Oedipus. The fact that the characters have hardly any dialogue amplifies the impact of the music. Schanelec’s performers play in highly formalistic manner against the rugged backdrop of the Peloponnese, in poetically composed tableaus. She draws on the Oedipus myth as the constituent building block of Western mainstream cinema. Since the trauma can no longer be traced back to the death of the mother, she reclaims the freedom of character development and releases her cinema from any psychoanalytical logic.

Guest: Agathe Bonitzer (actress)

Awards for ›Music‹
Silberner Bär Bestes Drehbuch – Berlinale 2023

Director / Script / Editing

Angela Schanelec


Ivan Marković

Sound / Sound Design

Rainer Gerlach


Aliocha Schneider, Agathe Bonitzer, Agyris Xafis, Marisha Triantafyllidou, Frida Tarana, Ninel Skrzypczyk, Miriam Jakob, Wolfgang Michael


Kirill Krasovski – faktura film


François d’Artemare – Les Films de l’Après-Midi, Nataša Damnjanovic – dart.film, WDR / arte



Angela Schanelec

Angela Schanelec

Born in Aalen in 1962, Angela Schanelec had her debut in a lead role in the historical film The Death of the White Stallion in 1985. This was followed by engagements at the Thalia Theater Hamburg, the Berlin Schaubühne and Schauspielhaus Bochum. Between 1990 and 1995 she studied directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). Her graduation film My Sister’s Good Fortune received the German Film Critics’ Award for Best Film in 1996. She went on to become the most important director of the so-called Berlin School. In her films, silence is as important as dialogue. Schanelec teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts (HfBK) in Hamburg and has translated several Shakespeare plays into German. I was at home, but… received the Silver Bear at the Berlinale for Best Director in 2019.

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