Dreams Rewired

Dreams Rewired

Manu Luksch, Thomas Tode, Martin Reinhart

AT / DE / UK

»Every age thinks it’s the modern age, but this one really is.«
– Tom Stoppard, 1876

Dreams Rewired looks at the exciting pioneering days of our modern media society.
Many of the technical developments that were anticipated at that time have since become reality thanks to the digital revolution and the networking of society. Conceived as a collage of found footage, the film presents a universe rich in images and sound and tells of the promises of technological, artistic and social utopias. Te archive footage from the 1890s to the 1930s recalls the euphoria and fears associated with things that had never before been dreamt of but which were now becoming real thanks to technology. Starting in around 1880 with Edison’s talking machine, the radio and film and ending with today’s multimedia innovations such as mobile phones, Skype and surveillance technology – innovations that already existed in the science fiction of the film pioneers.
An entertaining guide to the exceptionally lively early days of the cinema, narrated by Tilda Swinton.

German premiere

Film programme Dreams Rewired

Directors / Script

Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhart und Thomas Tode


Martin Putz


Oliver Neumann


Hanna Nordholt, Fritz Steingrobe


Pierre Brand, Mukul Patel


Siegfried Friedrich


Tilda Swinton


Amour Fou Vienna & Bildschön Filmproduktion, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceaunu, Bady Minck, Linda Matern

Manu Luksch

Manu Luksch, interdisciplinary artist and film-maker, lives and works in London and Vienna. She was artistic director of the Munich Media Laboratory and founding member of the London-based interdisciplinary art production platform ambientTV.NET. Luksch’s work explores the notion of film and narrative structures within the extended context of the internet culture.

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Thomas Tode

Thomas Tode lives in Hamburg and is a freelance film-maker, curator and writer. Tode researches and teaches at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts on the subjects of essay films and Soviet avant-garde, political documentaries. He curates film retrospectives, exhibitions, DVD collections and film series for the Hamburg Short Film Festival, among others.

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Martin Reinhart

artin Reinhart is a film-maker, film technician, concept developer and writer living in Vienna. He set up his own film technology workshop in 1998 and in 2009 founded Indiecam GmbH. His film work has been presented at numerous exhibitions and festivals, as has a self-developed film technique, and the short film named after this technique tx-transform, which he produced with Virgil Widrich.

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