Eva Pervolovici

Feature Film
International Debut Feature Film Competition

»Although Lucia and Marussia change shelter every night, the film is not against the system as such. Nor is it about the familiar problem of immigration. Rather it’s about the dynamics of their relationship – these dreamy characters that escape the social system and defy people’s expectations in order to maintain their freedom, to live in the moment, to enjoy themselves.«
– Eva Pervolovici

Lucia, a Russian mother, and her six-year-old daughter, Marussia, find themselves living on the streets of Paris. Not having a stable roof over their heads, they sleep wherever they can – a night at a Russian priest’s, another in a welfare facility, and even in a four-star hotel. They live each day as if it were the day that could change their life, meeting different kinds of people, wandering aimlessly and waiting for something wonderful to happen to them. As their situation is not getting any better and they end up sleeping under a bridge, the Russian community decides to buy them a ticket back to Russia. Marussia revolts against her mother and runs away. She doesn’t want to go back. And, at the same time, she wants to have a real childhood. What kind of decision is her mother ready to make?


Eva Pervolovici


Monica Stan and Eva Pervolovici


Alfredo Altamirano


Dounia Sichov


Fabrice Osinski, Momchil Bozhkov


Vitto Mereilles, Rouge Madame


Dinara Drukarova, Marie-Isabelle Stheynman, Sharunas Bartas und andere


KinoElektron in Koproduktion mit CTB Film Company



Portrait of director Eva Pervolovici

Eva Pervolovici

Eva Pervolovici is a Romanian film director who can already boast an extensive work portfolio in the fields of short film, video art and photography – and as an author. She gained her M.A. in Film Advance Practice in Edinburgh. In 2011, her short film Little Red was premièred at the Berlin International Film Festival and nominated for the Berlin Today Award. Since 2008, Ms Pervolovici has lived and worked in Paris.

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