Lea and the Ball of Wool

Lea e il gomitolo

Lea and the Ball of Wool

Lea Giunchi Guillaume (Artist)

Short film
Finally Back on the Silver Screen

When her parents go out for the evening, teenager Lea (Lea Giunchi) is supposed to spend the time diligently knitting – not reading. But she immediately mislays her ball of wool (which we see dangling from her skirt). Searching systematically, taking not a moment‘s rest, she destroys the home in the process. On their return, her parents decide that »Next time, you‘d be better off reading«.


Lea Giunchi Guillaume


Lea Giunchi, Giuseppe Gambardella




British Film Institute

Lea Giunchi Guillaume (Artist)

Lea Giunchi Guillaume‘s biographical details are not known, though she was active in film from 1910 to 1919. She worked as a partner to the comedians of Cines, roles such as Kri-Kri with Raymond Frau; Checco with Giuseppe Gambardella; Cocò with Lorenzo Soderine; and Polidor with her brother-in-law Ferdinand Guillaume. Her own series of films consists of approx. 40 titles, of which only a few have survived. Lea frequently embodies a wild and destructive girl but occasionally a young career woman as well.