Sense of Humor

Le sens de l’humour

Sense of Humor

Marilyne Canto

»The film recounts the difficult genesis of a couple, and the reconstitution of a family long after a death occurs. It examines how three characters, Elise, Paul and Leo, are torn between their link to the past, and what drives them towards their future. … ere is no psychology in the film; the characters aren’t analysing themselves, yet they are seeking, hurting, questioning themselves and one another. All of this energy spent thinking without finding an answer creates scenes that can be serious at times, light-hearted at others.«
– Marilyne Canto

Wintertime. Elise, who works as a lecturer in a major Parisian museum, lives alone with Leo, her ten-year-old son. Her husband, Leo’s father, has been dead a long while. She is having a love affair with a man named Paul. They met before her husband died. Their relationship has always been chaotic. Her attraction to him is only matched by her violent need to push him away. As for Paul and Leo, they get to know one another over time. The two lovers are caught in a vicious cycle of comings and goings, alternating joyful and turbulent moments.


Marilyne Canto


Marilyne Canto , Maud Ameline


Laurent Brunet


Yann Dedet, Thomas Marchand


Olivier Péria, Carole Verner, Nathalie Vidal


Marilyne Canto, Antoine Chappey, Samson Dajczman und andere


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Portrait of director Marilyne Canto

Marilyne Canto

Marilyne Canto trained at the Strasbourg National Theatre’s ESAD school, after which she was directed in plays by Jacques Lasalle and Jean Jourdheuil. This was followed by film roles, where in particular she worked with Claude Chabrol, Dominique Cabrera, Manuel Poirier, René Feret, and Robert Guédiguian. Alongside her acting career, she worked as an assistant director for Philippe Garrel on The Phantom Heart, and directed several movie shorts: Nouilles (Noodles), which won a number of awards.

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