Ich wandle unter Blumen

Claudia Richarz

Short film

I wander among flowers
And blossom with them;
I wander as in a dream
And sway with every step.

O, hold me fast, beloved!
Or drunk with love
I’ll fall at your feet –
And the garden is full of folk.

Heinrich Heine’s lovestruck poem from 1844 is performed by singer Beate Josten, in a location that is anything but romantic.

Director / Cinematography / Editing

Claudia Richarz


Alma Mahler


Beate Josten


Claudia Richarz

Portrait of Claudia Richarz

Claudia Richarz

Claudia Richarz studied Visual Communication at Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK). In 1979 she co-founded »Bildwechsel«, a Hamburg-based umbrella organisation for women involved in media, culture and the arts. In 2000 she won a Grimme TV award for her ten-part documentary series Abnehmen in Essen. Her short film Schau mich an won the top award in the XXShorts section of Cologne’s Short Film Festival. Richarz lives in Eckernförde.

Films by Claudia Richarz (Selection)
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