ICH bin ICH – Gui und sein Wellenspielplatz

Ute Hilgefort

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Gui lives on the Algarve coast of Portugal, where the sea, surf and sandy beaches are the best playground ever. The six-year-old loves football, capoeira, but most of all surfing. With a former world champion body surfer as a mother, he and his brother have grown up with the sport. We find out from Gui how surfing works and what you have to watch out for in the cold, powerful waves. And we learn that there’s no better feeling than racing towards the beach on a surfboard on a giant wave.



Ute Hilgefort


André Simão, Nico Arnoldi


Yasser Berenjkoub


André Simão

Editorial Staff

Silvia Keil


Hilgefort Television im Auftrag von KiKa


Hilgefort Television

Age Recommendation

suitable for age 4 and above

Porträt von Ute Hilgefort, Filmemacherin

Ute Hilgefort

Ute Hilgefort, born 1967, has worked in many different areas. In 2001, she set up her own production company Hilgefort Television. Since then, she has produced and realised numerous popular documentary formats, such as Menschen hautnah (WDR), ARD exklusiv (Das Erste) and prize-winning programmes for the children’s ARD/ZDF channel KiKA, and she has directed popular series for German TV and numerous foreign language magazines for Deutsche Welle.

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