God Is Not Working on Sunday!

God Is Not Working on Sunday!

Leona Goldstein


What sounds like a feminist utopia is reality in Rwanda: Since 2008, the country has been led by a majority-female parliament – unprecedented anywhere in the world. Twenty years after the genocide, it is considered one of the most progressive countries on the African continent. It records economic growth, has made huge technological progress, and boasts a lively network of female activists, who are creating new social roles for women in their struggle to achieve reconciliation and equality.
What influence does a female-dominated parliament have on conflict- solving strategies? And how does the younger generation today deal with the aftermath of genocide and sexualised wartime violence? Leona Goldstein follows the work of the two activists Godelieve and Florida, who confront traditional patriarchal structures and endeavour to help women overcome their traumatic experiences.
God Is Not Working on Sunday! is not another film about the genocide, it focuses on the current situation in Rwanda today. 2014 marked another turning point when the last perpetrators were released and ordered to perform community service. Men’s reactions to the new power and gender dynamics are also included in the long-term documentary. As the title of the film suggests, Goldstein appeals to people to actively participate in political processes rather than wait for external aid.

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Awards for God Is Not Working on Sunday!
Best Film – MIC Genero Mexico 2015 | Best Human Rights Film – Move it! Film Festival 2015 | Best Director – Cine Women 2015 | Platinum Award: Best Documentary – International Film Festival on Women ́s Rights and Social Issues, Indonesia 2016 | Best Director – Berlin Independent Film Festival 2016 | Best Feature Lenght Documentary – 12 Months Film Festival 2016

Director / Script / Cinematography

Leona Goldstein


Clara Andres


Felicitas Heck


Emilio Gordoa

Production / Contact

Zapanka Films

Leona Goldstein

Born in 1976, the film-maker and photographer Goldstein studied visual communication in Rome, Dortmund and Berlin. In her film and photographic work, she questions border policies by focusing on civil rights, gender equality and migration. Her most recent projects document social movements in Cambodia, Venezuela, Burkina Faso, Mexico and within Europe. Goldstein has received numerous scholarships and awards, and her work is shown at international festivals. She has lectured on documentary film-making at Berlin University of Applied Sciences since 2012.

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