FtWTF – Female to What the Fuck

FtWTF – Female to What the Fuck

Cordula Thym, Katharina Lampert

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What does it mean to identify oneself as trans*? In six personal portraits, FtWTF explores backgrounds and reasons of living sexual identities. And it looks at how lives change as a result of these decisions, starting with a given sexuality at birth and progressing to an uncertain destination – »what the fuck« – as the title says. In probing interviews, the protagonists talk in a disarmingly candid and humorous way about personal and state prerequisites, about the consequences and the sometimes bizarre circumstances of their decisions. Masculinity in the queer scene is another important subject that is discussed in the film.

Avoiding stereotypical narrative elements, the two directors break with the frequently told (and medically required) narrative of a painful coming-out, »of being born in the wrong body«. Instead, the film offers scope for non-binary identities and paints a realistic picture of sex changes as they occur today. Without voyeuristic elements, tragedy and pathos, the films offers a political analysis and a feminist perspective of the subject. In doing so, Thym’s and Lampert’s protagonists become heroes and heroines of gender difference.


Cordula Thym, Katharina Lampert


Judith Benedikt Schnitt Niki Mossböck


Nick Prokesch


Johanna Kirsch


Armin Lorenz, Veronika Eberhart


Katharina Lampert, Cordula Thym



Portrait of Cordula Thym

Cordula Thym

Cordula Thym is a director and film editor. The participative and queer-feminist influences in her film-making bring marginalised perspectives into the focus, whether related to body, speech, education or contemporary history.

Films by Cordula Thym
FtWTF – Female to What The Fuck 2015 | verliebt, verzopft, verwegen. Geschichten lesbischer (Un-)Sichtbarkeit im Wien der 50er und 60er Jahre 2009 | Beyond Borderline 2002

Katharina Lampert

Die 1976 in Wien geborene Künstlerin studierte Konzeptuelle Kunst an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. 2009 entstand die erste gemeinsame Arbeit mit Cordula Thym. Lambert realisiert Einzel- und Gemeinschaftsprojekte in den Bereichen bildende Kunst und Film.