Erwachsen oder sowas

Sort of Grown Up

Marlena Molitor


Two friends chill out above the rooftops of the city. What will they do after graduation? Unclear. »Many others don’t have a plan either.« The two are not uncritical of the constant uploading of pictures on Insta: »First I post and then I wait for the comments underneath. It’s such a blatant self-affirmation.«

Growing up is a rollercoaster ride, it’s exhausting. Finding a flat, earning money, boys and sexuality. Everything is complicated, but also somehow magical. Summer in Berlin. Time to go dancing.

Director / Script / Production

Marlena Molitor


Moritz Dehler


Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München

Porträt der Regisseurin Marlena Molitor

Marlena Molitor

After working for the film production company Big World Cinema and the documentary film festival Encounters in Cape Town, Marlena Molitor began studying documentary film-making at HFF Munich in 2016. Her films have won her several awards and been screened at international festivals. Molitor is currently in Colombia carrying out research for her graduation film.

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