Veronica L. Montaño, Joel Hofmann

Animation film
Film education

Moco hates the icy landscape in which he lives. He’s always freezing cold and his nose won’t stop running. The nasty line of snot dripping down from his nostrils accompanies him wherever he goes. Armed with a Bunsen burner, he tries to make the ice melt. If only there wasn’t his neighbour Bodie, who keeps trying to patch the ice floes together again.

Director / Script

Veronica L. Montaño, Joel Hofmann


Joel Hofmann


Manuela Leuenberger, Patrick Portmann, Valentine Moser, Jürgen Haas


Marcel Ramsey


Etienne Kompis, Thomas Gassmann


Maple Tree Circus, Fabio Erni, Sebastian Schwarz, Lukas Bircher, Kevin Emmenegger

Production / Contact

Tiny Giant GmbH, Claudia Röthlin

Age Recommendation

suitable for age 8 and above

Veronica L. Montaño

Veronica L. Montaño studied animation at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Her Bachelor film Ivan’s Need was shown at over 50 festivals and received 13 awards.

Films by Veronica L. Montaño
Ivan’s Need 2015 | Trip to Moscow 2015 | Patchwork Nr.13 2014 | Waldgeschichten 2013

Joel Hofmann

Joel Hofmann completed his studies at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts with his project The Valley Below (co-director). Eisnasen is his master’s graduation film.

Films by Joel Hofmann
The Valley Below 2015 | Climb 2014 | Kinomeuder 2014 | Anglerfisch 2014