Tonight We’ll Become Women

Vannacht worden we Vrouwen

Tonight We’ll Become Women

Josefien Hendriks

Experimental Documentary
Film Education

Thirteen-year-old Ismini often goes to her friend Komal’s place for sleepovers. The duo has pretty much shared everything in life since the age of three. Lately though a lot has changed for them both and the girlfriends are aware that they are going through a transitional phase. It won’t be long before they both enter full womanhood – but what’s that going to be like exactly? What will happen to their bodies when they start their periods? And how will that be changing their relationship with guys? Even now they often feel at ease with them, but other times not. In a night of a thousand questions, the girls explore the great mysteries of growing up and find out what these mean for their friendship.

In cooperation with: doxs!

Awards for ›Vannacht worden we Vrouwen‹
Honorable Mention – Young About International Film Festival 2014

Director / Script

Josefien Hendriks


Claire Pijman


Albert Elings


Marc Lizier


JvdW film



Josefien Hendriks

Den ersten Kontakt zum Film hatte die heutige Regisseurin als Schauspielerin. 2008 schloss Hendriks ihr Regie-Studium mit Schwerpunkt Dokumentarfilm an der Dutch Film Academy ab. Ihr Film Vannacht worden we Vrouwen entstand im Rahmen des niederländischen Workshops Kids&Docs, an dem sie 2012 teilnahm.

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