Eine Fliegenjagd oder die Rache der Frau Schultze

Eine Fliegenjagd oder die Rache der Frau Schultze

Eugen Skladanowsky

Silent film
Focus: Rage & Horror

Mrs Schultze wants to get to sleep. Her neighbour is a composer and plays his trombone and piano at all hours of the day and night, meaning she can’t sleep a wink. The musician doesn’t respond to her fierce complaints, so she comes up with a remedy in the form of an equally annoying fly. Unusually, the intertitles are in the form of rhymes: »The insect she carefully squeezes in / Through the hole for the key / Her revenge will now begin / As we will soon see.«

No biographical details about Frida Cotrelli are known. All we know for certain is that she played alongside Eugen Skladanowsky in this short film. In the credits she is described as a member of the former Renz Circus.

Director / Script

Eugen Skladanowsky

Cinematography / Production

Max Skladanowsky


Frida Cotrelli, Eugen Skladanowsky


Eye Filmmuseum