Call of Beauty

Call of Beauty

Brenda Lien


Two girlfriends run a beauty channel on YouTube. Caught up in the beauty craze and constantly exposed to product placement, we ask whether the video platform is still an independent medium of unlimited possibilities or whether it has long become a commercially defined niche – a tyranny of clicks, likes and followers, a gamble with truth and authenticity.

Film series Bodies of Oz

Director / Script / Editing / Music

Brenda Lien


Lena Reidt, Brenda Lien


Laura Krestan, Kim Lotte Stöber


Brenda Lien


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Brenda Lien

Brenda Lien (1995) works as an independent filmmaker and composer. Her works have been screened at film festivals worldwide (Berlinale Shorts, Int. Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Aspen Shortfest and Palm Springs Shortfilm Festival) and received multiple awards. Call of Cuteness was on the long list of the »Short Animation« Oscars. In 2018 Lien had her first solo exhibition at 1822-Forum Frankfurt Main. Lien is a student at the University of Art and Design Offenbach in the class of Prof. Rotraut Pape.

Films by Brenda Lien
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