Being Impossible

Yo, Imposible

Being Impossible

Patricia Ortega

Feature Film
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A feature film about intersexuality, Yo, Imposible finds ways to visualise society’s attitudes to normative gender stereotypes that highlight the emotional situation of the protagonist. Ariel doesn’t know about her body’s past and goes through the painful process of trying to obtain information and understand what happened. Although her mother and a doctor made the decision to change her body after she was born because it did not fit the typical definitions of the two intended genders, the two women are unable to talk about the subject. The film itself finds far more images than words to describe the protagonist’s process, even for the state of not speaking. It is the language of film and its effects that endeavour to comprehend the protagonist’s situation in all its cruelty. A highly topical, poignant film about the ongoing social stigmatisation of non-binary bodies, having power over one’s own body and desires beyond social constraints.

Awards for Being Impossible
Best Construction of a Female Character – Femme Revolution Film Fest 2019 | Audience Award – Amsterdam LGBTI Film Festival 2019 | Best Script – Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival 2019



Patricia Ortega


Patricia Ortega, Enmanuel Chávez


Mateo Guzmán


Mauricio Vergara


Juan Felipe Rayo


Álvaro Morales


Lucía Bedoya, Belkis Avilladares,
María Elena Duque


Patricia Ortega, Jhony Hendrix,
Laura Barbosa, Mandragora Films, Antorcha Films


Media Luna New Films

Portrait of Patricia Ortega

Patricia Ortega

Patricia Ortega graduated from the International Film and TV School (EICTV) in Cuba and currently works as an executive producer, scriptwriter and director. Her first fiction feature film, El Regreso, had a very successful run in Venezuelan cinemas in 2013. Being Impossible is her second feature film.

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