Ash and Money

Kust tuleb tolm ja kuhu kaob raha

Ash and Money

Tiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper


»The fact that politics doesn’t interest you doesn’t mean that politics is indifferent towards you.«
– Ash and Money

Political parties who finance their campaigns with embezzled funds, politicians who promise the impossible, growing corruption and more clientelism: In stark contrast to the reputation of the virtuous new EU member country, Estonian politicians severely test the trust of its citizens.
Ahead of the upcoming general election, Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper set up a project entitled Unified Estonia – not only to give expression to the wide discontent with the political system but also to apply a force against it: a superparty. Using all manner of tricks and stratagems from the fields of politics and PR, the two directors (who have been working together for Theatre NO99 since 2004) beat the drum for their new party in TV commercials and on hoardings. In aiming to challenge the political apathy of their fellow Estonians, they generate a young, energetic and successful image. So much so that 7,000 participants spontaneously turned up for the constituent assembly! Popular with audiences and critics alike, the Theatre NO99 ensemble is known for its avant-garde interpretations of social issues.
Unified Estonia rapidly put politics and the media on high alert as people asked themselves: Is this really a serious and system-threatening party or is it just a prank? With the country uncertain about the status of the new party, Semper and Ojasoo do not rule out the possibility of taking part in the elections.
The project exposes the rhetoric of Estonian politicians as theatrical and delivers an intriguing study on the nature of a fragile democracy and the media’s role in it.

Film programme No More Comfort

Director / Script

Tiit Ojasoo, Ene-Liis Semper


Rein Kotov


Rein Kotov, Ene-Lils Semper


Ivo Felt


Harmo Kallaste


Rasmus Kaljujärv, Eva Klemets, Risto Kübar, Kristel Leesmend,
Andres Mähar, Jaak Prints, Gert Raudsep, Inga Salurand, Tambet Tuisk, Marika Vaarik, Liina Vahtrik, Sergo Vares, Markus Lippus, Rein Einasto


Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, Rein Kotov



Tiit Ojasoo

Tiit Ojasoo, who studied at the Estonian Academy of Music & Theatre before working as a film director, founded the Theatre NO99 in Tallinn together with  Ene-Liis Semper. As a duo, Semper and Ojasoo have staged numerous productions and classical pieces as well as their own projects, gaining international attention in the process.

Films by Tiit Ojasoo
Rockoper Ruja 2008

Ene-Liis Semper

Born 1969, Ene-Liis Semper studied scenography and worked as a costume designer on several hundred drama productions. One of the most famous artists in Estonia, her videos – which create their own social and physical experience – have been shown at the Venice Biennale.

Films by Ene-Liis Semper
Rockoper Ruja 2008