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Festivalprogramme for kids and young adults

This year we will present again a great selection of films for children and young adults, school classes and KiTa groups from Dortmund and Cologne. From 18th to 21st of April 18 current films are on the programme, including animated films, documentaries and feature films for all ages. The films tell, for example, stories about children of divorce, life in a country at war, or deal with the question of good sex or gender roles in rugby.

Different topics are assigned to the film programmes, which can be worked on before and after in the kindergarten or school as focal points. These are topics such as justice, community, cohesion, nature and the environment, fear, courage, self-confidence, siblings, identity, sexuality, puberty, self-realization, to name just a few.

All screenings at the festival will then be intensively accompanied by a film mediator, and in some cases the directors or other filmmakers will also be our guests. In Dortmund the programmes take place in the Schauburg, in Cologne in the Filmforum NRW. All programmes will be in German.

Registrations are now possible.

Programme Dortmund
Programme Cologne

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Entrance fees
Pupils: €3.00
Kita children: €2.00
Accompanying persons: Admission free

The contact person for advice on individual programs and booking performances for daycare groups and school classes is Thomas Hartmann: