Reading and film programme in the film series »WAS WIR FILMTEN: Regisseurinnen mit ostdeutschen Perspektiven«

Plakat zur Filmreihe Was wir filmten

The film series »Was wir filmten« (»What we were filming«) shows documentaries, current film productions and artistic short films from an East German perspective by women directors from three generations. The series challenges popular narratives about the German reunification and examines them critically. We present films which highlight places, emotions and experiences that have been neglected in the public debate but receive a new awareness now, not least thanks to a young generation. The screenings give space to different perspectives on the unification process and the post-reunification period and introduce new perspectives and narratives.

After the film screenings we invite you to participate in talks and discussions with the directors and other guests.

Before the screening, there will be a reading by Kerstin Honeit from her contribution to the book Was wir filmten – Ostdeutsche Regisseurinnen nach 1990.

A series of events by Kulturstiftung des Bundes in cooperation with Kino Zazie in Halle (Saale), Internationales Frauen* Film Fest Dortmund+Köln and Werkleitz Gesellschaft e. V.

Download: Film programme WAS WIR FILMTEN (German only)

my castle your castle

Kerstin Honeit

Experimental Documentary

»I saw my castles fall today And crumble into dust beneath my feet.« –Ray Price, I Saw My Castles Fall […]

Becoming Black

Ines Johnson-Spain


»In a country where any deviation from its norm was considered an existential threat, the birth of a black child […]

28 Sep 19:00
Kino Zazie - Halle (Saale)