30 Mar 15:00

Girls Go Movies Stop-Trick Workshop – Show us who YOU are!!

For girls aged between 6 and 8

Would you like to make your own film with scissors, pencil, glue and cardboard? You can find out how to do this and much more in our Girls Go Movies Stop-Trick Workshop. We’ll watch some great short films together about the subjects of strength, tolerance, friendship and cooperation.

Afterwards, we will talk about how these stories relate to our lives and whether we’ve experienced the situations portrayed in the films ourselves. You’ll design your own film set and make your own short animated film in small groups. With a little imagination, you can even become the star of your story and show us what makes you special, strong or kind.

You will create your film on an iPad using the Stop Motion Studio app. At the end of the workshop, of course, we’ll watch the results together on the big screen and marvel at what you have created!

In cooperation with filmothek der jugend nrw.

Register: kinderundjugend@frauenfilmfest.com