16 Nov 19:00
Flux Inn at Museum Ostwall

Art on the MOve: women Bauhaus artists – Ré Soupault, Lore Leudesdorff and abstract film

Babylon Berlin made them known to an audience of millions: Walter Ruttmann’s abstract animations of the 1920s can be seen in the background of the credits of this world-famous series. In our film screening and in the subsequent conversation with the eminent Bauhaus expert Thomas Tode, we learn more about the origin of these very first abstract animations in film history.

There were many names for this new aesthetic: abstract film, visual music, light shows – in the 1920s they were a sensation! But only recent research revealed that the collaboration on the films by Bauhaus women Lore Leudesdorff and Ré Soupault (née Erna Niemeyer) remained unmentioned for a long time. Recent archival research corrects the long-established view on the Bauhaus – and modernism in general. We conclude with the question of how far the myth of the 1920s is male-dominated – from the Bauhaus in Dessau to Babylon Berlin.

Short film programme with a.o.
Viking Eggeling und Ré Soupault, Symphonie Diagonale 1924
Hans Richter und Ré Soupault, Filmstudie 1926
Walter Ruttmann und Lore Leudesdorff, Opus 4 1925 | Der Sieger 1922 | Der Aufstieg 1926 | Dort, wo der Rhein 1927

Guest: Thomas Tode, independent film-maker, curator and publicist. Co-curator of the exhibition bauhaus.film.expanded, ZKM Karlsruhe 2020

Admission free.

Registration requested at: info@dortmunder-u.de

Art on the MOve is an initiative that presents film series accompanying exhibitions at Dortmunder U art center. Art on the MOve gets our view of art moving, broadening the exhibitions with new perspectives and highlighting the artistic aspects of cinema.

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