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18 January: »Art on the MOve« Queer amateur films

On January 18th, we invite you to the first Art on the MOve event in 2024.

We will be showing short films made by local film talents as part of the BIPoC Filmcamp 2022, organised by Sunrise Dortmund. Under the direction of Humad Nisar and Alexis Rodríguez, the group of queer young people created auto-ethnographic short films that, like a mirror, provide an undistorted insight into the experiences and realities of the young filmmakers.

Guests: Filmmakers Anika Baluran Schäfer and Void

Admission free.


Hope (Void)
A creation centred on queer joy and fantastic worlds that can be a place of rest. Atmospheric and delicate images.
Language: Without dialogue

About Void: He/they 19 old makeup artist student from Germany (NRW)

Embodiment (Soleil Ren)
Soleil’s work deals with the reappraisal of the ghosts of personal and collective memory. Seeing herself reflected in a history book for the first time is the starting point.
Language: English

In Your Face (Anika Baluran Schäfer)
A face, in your face, the everyday reflections that Anika’s work focuses on have more to do with the projections of other people.
Language: German with subtitles

About Anika Baluran Schäfer: Anika Baluran Schäfer (no pronouns or she) is a queer filipinx writer, spoken word artist and filmmaker. Anika’s work engages with Philippine-diasporic identities, learning Tagalog from a second-generation perspective and anti-Asian racism.

A Trance (Jordan Chanetsa)
A poem that becomes a kind of mantra. A collage of images and sounds, a direct and sincere work in which the different layers of life intertwine: Activism, desire, intimacy…
Language: English

Art on the MOve is an initiative that presents film series accompanying exhibitions at Dortmunder U art center. Art on the MOve gets our view of art moving, broadening the exhibitions with new perspectives and highlighting the artistic aspects of cinema.

In collaboration with Museum Ostwall

The BIPoC Filmcamp 2022 was funded by the City of Dortmund