Zurura, Zurura, Le Sourire Fleurit

Zurura, Zurura: The Smile Blooms

Marthe Djilo Kamga

BE / CM / US
Short film

Zurura, Zurura: The Smile Blooms is a poetic visual philosophical essay. In this film, the director Marthe Djilo Kamga revisits the issue of silenced black female body, often under the gaze of others. She comes back to the African roots, and the landscape of African culture to anchor a new gaze on the black female body. The poetic is a call to create new epistemology of how to inscribe one selves in the world around us. Zurura, Zurura invites new generations to celebrate their blackness.


Marthe Djilo Kamga


Frieda Ekotto, Marthe Djilo Kamga


Marthe Djilo Kamga, Sabreen Bint Loula


Flora Caviren


Hugo Lemercier


Zouratié Kone


Frieda Ekotto, The University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Marthe Djilo Kamga

Marthe Djilo Kamga looks at issues relating vulnerability, identity and equality. She is the founder and organiser of the Massimadi Festival in Brussels. Thanks to her commitment to art and cultural production (film, performance, photography, etc.) she allows people who are systematically ignored by society to appropriate images and public spaces. Kamga’s publications include When Women Love Other Women: A Consideration of Female Homosexuality in Cameroon and the photo documentation Sikiliza, My Body Talks to You.

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