The Remembered Film

The Remembered Film

Isabelle Tollenaere

Short film

We find ourselves in an endless forest. Young soldiers appear in the uniforms of Soviet troops, the Wehrmacht and the American army. In this mythical place, peaceful coexistence seems to be possible. The soldiers roam through the forest, they are pensive. Then they begin to talk about their experiences in World War II. Reality and fiction collide.

Film Series Fake Space

Awards for ›The Remembered Film‹
Grand Prix – 25FPS Festival, Zagreb 2018

Director / Cinematography / Editing / Production / Contact

Isabelle Tollanaere


Kwinten Van Laethem

Portrait of Isabelle Tollenaere

Isabelle Tollenaere

Isabelle Tollenaere studied audiovisual arts specialising in documentary film at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. In her shorts as well as her feature films, she explores new ways of directing and playfully mix fictional and documentary elements. Her films have been shown at festivals worldwide. She lives and works in Brussels.

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