The Lollipop Generation

G. B. Jones

desired! – film lust & queer

After a bad argument with her father, Georgie (Jena von Brücker) runs away from her homophobic home. Hitch-hiking, she ends up in a town with no name. There she meets a bunch of other queer teenagers, homeless themselves and scraping a living through sex work and theft. Peanut (KC Class) works on the street, Janie (Jane Danger) in the porn industry. Also part of their new gang is Rufus (Mark Ewert). Georgie meets him after filming a porn movie on the set where the dominatrix Beulah Blacktress (Vaginal Davis) has kidnapped him.
The bonds that form between the young queers give them a footing plus the strength to stand up to the creepy characters who waylay them, including a pervert in the playground and exploitative porn producers who go after them in a red van.


Director / Script / Editing

G. B. Jones


G. B. Jones, Johnny Noxzema, Andrew Cecil, Jena von Brücker


Jena von Brücker, Mark Ewert, Jane Danger, KC Class, Vaginal Davis, Calvin Johnson, Jen Smith, Joel Gibb, G. B. Jones


G. B. Jones





Portrait of GB Jones

G. B. Jones

Canadian G. B. Jones is a film-maker, musician, artist, and producer of several zines. A trademark of her no-budget films is the collaboration with artists, musicians and cultural producers with whom she has links via the networks of queer and feminist underground cultures – cultures that she herself has likewise greatly influenced through her own work and her aesthetics. Jones works primarily with Super 8 and analogue video.

Films by G. B. Jones

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