Deadly Weapons

Deadly Weapons

Doris Wishman


»Crystal’s got everything a woman can wish for. A smart apartment, smart clothes, a nice Dad and a handsome loving boyfriend. Indeed, she wants to spend her whole life with Larry. So everything seems just perfect until disaster strikes her fairy-tale world. For what Crystal does not suspect: Larry is involved in crooked business! So when he attempts to double-cross his boss, the latter sees though his wiles and shoots him in cold blood. A horrified Crystal witnesses this on the phone. Overcome with grief, she decides to track down the instigators and execute them – her weapons, a woman’s weapons. With her oversized breasts measuring 180 cm in circumference, she suffocates to death one mobster after the next. Yet even when revenge has taken its course, there is no end to her tribulations.
The film was a surprise hit in 1974, in German cinemas too.«
– Olaf Strecker, buio omega

Awards for ›Deadly Weapons‹
Joe, Ehrenpreis des Geheimnisvollen Filmclubs Buio Omega für ihre Verdienste im internationalen Exploitationfilm 2001 | Comeback Kid Award, New York Underground Film Festival 200

Film programme Exploitation


Doris Wishman


Judy J. Kushner


C. Davis Smith, Juan Fernandez


Lou Burdi


Chesty Morgan, Harry Reems, Saul Meth, Richard Towers


Juri Productions

Doris Wishman

Doris Wishman was born 1912 in New York. Having originally trained as an actress (in the same class as Shelley Winters), Ms Wishman first found work as a secretary and as a clerk in film distribution before going freelance in 1960 and making her first film as a director. Thirty full- length works were to follow, all of which she scripted, directed and produced herself. They included: nudist colony films, erotica, thrillers, semi-documentaries, horror flicks and even two pornos. She died in Miami at the age of 90 only a few weeks after wrapping up work on her horror movie Each Time I Kill.

Films by Doris Wishman (Selection)
Each Time I Kill 2002 | Dildo Heaven 2001 | Come with Me My Love 1976 | Deadly Weapons 1974 | The Amazing Transplant 1970 | Another Day, Another Man 1966 | Bad Girls Go to Hell 1965 | Hideout in the Sun 1960