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»The desire to find out something about yourself is ingrained in all of us, no matter the environment in which we live. Yes, the foster family has something to offer on the surface, but if you have a blank space in your own identity, then there is pressure to get out and discover more about yourself. And in becoming a woman, the mother is an important figure against which you have to measure yourself. That was my personal point of reference, the question of what kind of woman can I be? A coming-of- age story but also a search for templates of womanhood.«
– Katharina Mückstein in Der Standard

A family is making plans for a summer holiday in Italy – only the 14-year-old Jasmin does not want to tag along. She is a foster child and would rather be with Eva, her biological mother who, after a long stay in prison, is tantalisingly available again. For weeks now, Jasmin has wanted to be close to her mother and has remained persistent even when rebuffed. After a row with her foster family, she finally runs away and persuades her mother to spend time with her on a short break in the countryside. There, the two come closer together – sometimes as friends, sometimes as mother and daughter. But when a man threatens to upset this delicate structure, their relationship starts to falter again.

Awards for ›Talea‹
Preis der Saarländischen Ministerpräsidentin – Beste Regie (ehem. Max-Ophüls Preis), 2013 | Preis für das beste Kostüm, Diagonale 2013


Katharina Mückstein


Selina Gnos, Katharina Mückstein


Michael Schindegger


Natalie Schwager


Veronika Eberhart, Wolfgang Möst


Nina Proll, Sophie Stockinger und andere


La Banda Film

Portrait of director Katharina Mückstein

Katharina Mückstein

Katharina Mückstein, born 1982 in Vienna, worked in the film business in Hamburg after leaving school. In addition to the study of philosophy and gender studies, she also worked at the Volkstheater Vienna and on various film productions. From 2004 to 2010, she studied film directing at Vienna Film Academy with Michael Haneke. In 2010, she was co- founder of La Banda Film, a work collective and production company.

Films by Katharina Mückstein
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