Present Tense

Şimdiki Zaman

Present Tense

Belmin Söylemez

Feature Film

Mina’s having problems. Divorced, she has no contact with her family and is about to be evicted from her apartment. Her big dream is to migrate to the United States. But she needs money and a visa. So she takes up a job in an Istanbul café … as a coffee grounds reader. Surprisingly successful, she projects her own frustrations and aspirations on to the customers. Meanwhile, her colleagues and boss at the cafe try to get her out of her shell. A quiet film about a country in transition.

In cooperation with: Türkisches Filmfest Ruhr


Belmin Söylemez


Belmin Söylemez, Haşmet Topaloğlu


Peter Roehsler


Ali Aga, Belmin Söylemez

Sound / Music

Cenker Kökten


Sanem Öge, Şenay Aydın, Ozan Bilen, Suat Oktan, Nesrin Yıldırım


Haşmet Topalo ˘glu, Filmbüfe Film Production

Belmin Söylemez

Belmin Söylemez was born in Istanbul. She worked as a copywriter, editor and producer for ARD TV (Istanbul Office) and BBA (independent Press Agency istanbul). She also made music videos and promotion films as a director and producer. Her short films and documentaries have been screened at international film festivals in Toronto, Goteborg, and Sarajevo and they have received a number of national and international awards. Her films have been broadcast on TV channels such as ARTE France/Germany, SVT / Sweden, YLE / Finland and SBS/Australia. Her films have also participated in exhibitions.  Şimdiki Zaman is her first fiction feature film.

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