Christina Keilmann

Short film

Popov lives with his alcoholic mother in a prefabricated housing estate. To preserve his own identity in his toxic environment, he masquerades as a clown. Can he break out of the eternal cycle of violence and addiction?

Team premiere on 17 August as part of the Art on the MOve programme.

Christina Keilmann

Christina Keilmann, born in 1984 in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), studied Russian literature and social sciences at the HU Berlin and wrote about the film The Mirror by Andrej Tarkovskij in her final thesis. During her studies in Berlin and Moscow, she came into contact with theatre and film for the first time. She gained film experience at the DFFB German Film and Television Academy Berlin and the Film Academy Ludwigsburg. In addition to her work at Theater Dortmund and her studies at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Christina Keilmann shot several short films. She is currently writing her first long screenplay.