Matei Copil Miner

Matei Copil Miner

Alexandra Gulea

RO / DE / FR
Feature Film
International Debut Feature Film Competition

»Some years ago, while filming at Bucharest’s main railway station, I needed to find a child to appear in a certain shot. … I found a young boy (Ionel, aged nine) who had run away from his hometown of Petrila, in the Jiu Valley. He was the son of a mineworker and played his role with great tenacity. I followed in his footsteps for a few years, in all the places where life took him: at an orphanage; at home in the Jiu Valley; at a centre for disabled children; and in hospital while being treated for tuberculosis. Today, Ionel is eighteen and lives in Italy. Through his eyes, I was able to discover the life of a lonely child in the kinds of places and circumstances he has been through.«
– Alexandra Gulea

Eleven-year-old Matei lives with his grandfather in a coal-mining region of Romania. His parents having left to work in Italy, a very close relationship forms between grandfather and child. After an incident, Matei is unfairly kicked out of school and his grandfather reacts violently. He flees from home and reaches Isidor, a shepherd, who sends him back. Instead, Matei goes to Bucharest where he discovers the Museum of Natural Science. Fascinated by the exhibition, he realises that he would prefer a career in science to a life as shepherd and returns home – and back to school. Shortly after his arrival, however, his grandfather dies and Matei is placed in a children’s home. When his mother and his younger brother come back to take him to Italy he decides to stay and follow in his grandfather’s footsteps.

Director / Script

Alexandra Gulea


Reinhold Vorschneider


Alexandra Gulea, Peter Przygodda, Bruno Tracq


Radu Stancu


Stéphane Karo


Alexandru Czuli


Europolis Film, lüthje schneider hörl, Film, Ciulei Films, La vie est belle, 40 Filmproduktion, Hoch- schule für Fernsehen und Film München


europolis Film

Portrait of director Alexandra Gulea

Alexandra Gulea

Alexandra Gulea was born in Bucharest in 1970. She works as writer and director. She studied fine arts at the Academia de Arta in Bucharest and graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. She then studied documentary film at the University of Television and Film in Munich.

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