Mara Mattuschka – Different Faces of an Anti-Diva

Mara Mattuschka – Different Faces of an Anti-Diva

Elisabeth Maria Klocker


For more than 30 years, Mara Mattuschka has been among Austria’s most eminent experimental film-makers. In addition to her film work, the Bulgarian-born artist is also an actor, painter, manager, professor, performance artist, singer and film producer. The film portrait of the artist by Elisabeth Maria Klocker, who accompanied Mara Mattuschka over a longer period, shows Mattuschka’s complexity, her high degree of professionalism and the enthusiasm she brings to all her work – as well as her irony, humour and courage in taking on new and different roles. Despite her success and international acclaim, Mara Mattuschka has remained unassuming; she calmly talks about her penchant for imperfection. Klocker’s film is a kaleidoscopic snapshot of a unique artistic oeuvre and talent [Vienna International Film Festival 2013].

Director / Script / Production / Contact

Elisabeth Maria Klocker


Elisabeth Maria Klocker, Florian Benzer, Bernadette Dewald


Bernadette Dewald, Elisabeth Maria Klocker


Bernadette Dewald


Mara Mattuschka, Chris Haring, Sandra Bra, Sylvia Bra, CABINET 9, Stephanie Cumming und andere


Florian Benzer

Elisabeth Maria Klocker

Elisabeth Maria Klocker was born in Bregenz, Switzerland. She first studied drama and film, sociology, political science and philosophy and then visual media design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with Prof. Peter Weibl. This was followed by a fellowship in Berlin and her MA thesis on film-maker Ulrike Ottinger. In 2000 and 2001, she received a playwright grant from the State of Vorarlberg, and an author scholarship from the City of Nenzig for theatre dialogue. In 2001, along with Mara Mattuschka and Gabriele Szekatsch, she founded the artist syndicate known as Cabinet 9. Elisabeth Maria Klocker is a member of the Austrian Film-makers Cooperative, the Authors Union in Vienna, the Vorarlberg Literature Group and the Vorarlberg Artists Association. Ms Klocker lives and works as a film-maker, writer, free multimedia artist and arts journalist in Vienna and Berlin.

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