Kind als Pinsel (Kooperatorka)

Kind als Pinsel (Kooperatorka)

Else Gabriel, Ulf Wrede

Short film

The artist’s memories of her childhood in the GDR. Astonishing as it may seem, the title Kind als Pinsel (child as paintbrush) is to be taken literally in this performative short film. The soundtrack is provided by Bertolt Brecht’s musical epic Die Erziehung der Hirse (the cultivation of millet), a tribute to the »great harvest helper« Josef Stalin, which was set to music by Paul Dessau in the early 1950s. Else Gabriel sings several parts from the choral piece.


Twin Gabriel (else Gabriel, Ulf Wrede)


Wiebke Loeper, Ulf Wrede, Robert Gabriel


Stephan Winkler


Grete Gabriel, Linus Gabriel, else Gabriel


Twin Gabriel

Else Gabriel

Else Gabriel has worked as a freelance artist in Berlin since 1987. She studied stage and costume design at Dresden University of Fine Arts and was co-founder of the Auto-Perforations-Artisten, whose performances brought her to prominence. She has been a professor since 1997, currently at weißensee academy of art berlin. Her artistic work encompasses performance, photography, video, installations and painting. She also works in partnership with video artist Ulf Wrede under the name (e.) Twin Gabriel.

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