Heading West

Richting West

Heading West

Nicole van Kilsdonk

A year in the life of a resident of a European city. A year in the life of a single mother. A year in the life of a single woman. Claire buzzes around Rotterdam on her bike with its children‘s seat. Her marriage with Rolf came to a violent end, and now she lives on her own with her small son Milan. She loves her child, her life is well organised, but sometimes she has yearnings. Because he has chained his bike to hers, she gets to know Thomas, and they embark on an affair. With infatuation and all the joys of that initial sparkle of love. Thomas is good-looking and gets on well with Milan and with the neighbours. Just as Claire is gradually beginning to think that the relationship is working out,
Thomas withdraws, disappearing and evading commitment.
Richting West is a succinct and feminist film essay about life and love in the city of today. Susann Visser plays the role of Claire undramatically and with great sensitivity, portraying a woman torn between the longing to share her life with somebody and wanting to live her life as she pleases, without compromise.

German premiere

Director / Script

Nicole van Kilsdonk


Jeroen de Bruin


Albert Markus


Ranko Paukovic


Paul M. van Brugge


Susan Visser, Stefan Rokebrand, Koen Borkent, Viggo Waas, Annemarie Prins


Key Film, Co-Produktion NFI Productions


Key Film

Portrait of director Nicole van Kilsdonk

Nicole van Kilsdonk

Director and scriptwriter Nicole van Kilsdonk was born in 1965 and studied at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. She has directed numerous successful short films, including Hoe overleef ik mezelf? (How to survive myself?) and Ochtendzwemmers (Morning Swimmers). She was awarded a Golden Calf at the Utrecht film festival for the television film Deining. Nicole van Kilsdonk has also written various screenplays, including Man, Woman and Dog and Polonaise.

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