Good Husband, Dear Son

Goede man, lieve Zoon

Good Husband, Dear Son

Heddy Honigmann

In the hills surrounding Sarajevo lies the village Ahatovici. In 1992 about 80 % of all the men were killed. The village was burnt to its foundations. Women and children were spared. The character of the village has changed forever. Good Husband, Dear Son is the story about the dead. Every one of them was special to their families and to the community where they worked, lived and loved.They were good husbands and dear sons: Sulejman, The master plasterer. Refik, the maker of indestructible window and door frames as well as a great lover. Samir and Armin, football players at the local football club. Muhamed, the professional hunter but a softie at heart. Sead who was so very fond of apples – and so many others.
Good Husband, Dear Son is the intimate and therefore dramatic story behind this forgotten genocide. The murdered men are brought back to life through the stories told by their wives, daughters and surviving sons and through a few remaining photographs and objects. It’s precisely by means of these details tat the film tries to tell a greater story. It is about the memories – beautiful, melancholic and sad ones – that cling to a watch that’s been recovered, an apple tree, a bricklaying tool or a T-Shirt. Bit by bit it’s these memories, that project on a hill in Bosnia the image of a disrupted community.


Heddy Honigmann


Heddy Honigmann, Ester Gould, Emir Dzino


John Appel


Patrock Minks


Piotr van Dijk


Appel Honigmann, IKON Television


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Portrait der Regisseurin Heddy Honigmann.

Heddy Honigmann

Heddy Honigmann, a child of Holocaust survivors, was born in 1951 in Lima, Peru, where she studied biology and literature at the University of Lima. She left Peru in 1973, travelled throughout Mexico, Israel, Spain and France, and later studied film at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. Since 1978, she has been a Dutch citizen and presently lives in Amsterdam, although her filmmaking career has taken her around the world. As the child of exiles, it’s not surprising that the plight of exiles and outsiders is a recurrent theme in her documentaries, as is memory, music and love.

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Awards for Heddy Honigmann (Selection)
Hot Docs Outstanding Achievement Award 2007 |  San Francisco Films Society’s Golden Gate Persistence of Vision Award 2007 | J. Van Praag Award from the Netherlands Humanist Association 2005 | Jan Cassies Award for her whole oeuvre from the Dutch National Fund for Cultural Films for Television 2003